When people talk about the magnificent beaches of the Philippines,  most often then not, they would refer only to the beaches of Boracay, Coron, or Palawan. Indeed, this beaches are great and world class –but wallowing in this beaches would require one to shell out some slabs of cash from the bank and to deal with the huge number of tourists that crowd them. Certainly, this beaches are not the best choice for those who want a relaxing vacation at the beach at a low cost. It is at this point that I want to introduce Anguib Beach dubbed as “The Boracay of the North”.

 18197264_1639564669407706_733536107_nAnguib Beach is found at the Municipality of Sta. Ana, Province of Cagayan. It is a (3) three hours ride from Tuguegarao City which is the Regional Center of Region II and a Fifteen (15) hours ride  if you will come from Metro Manila. It is also known as the Boracay of the North because of its powdery white sand, deep-blue seawater and clear blue sky -akin to what Boracay has. However, there is more to Anguib Beach that for me it is way better than the beach of Boracay and that the label “The Boracay of the North” is an understatement of the incomparable beauty that it has.

 18196032_1639563879407785_15832892_oAnguib Beach is surrounded by forested mountains which are part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. The surrounding forest are so dense that when you’re on top of the mountain it is as if you are floating in a green ocean. Thanks to the fact that the forest, including the beach itself, is “not yet” that exploited and subjugated by Cagayanos. Thus unlike the crowded and urbanized beach of Boracay, Anguib Beach is just pure nature experience. It is so serene, tranquil and cordial. Having said that, a day at the Anguib Beach is just like a day in Paradise. You are surrounded by a stunning beach, lushy green forest, calm sea, and a very peaceful ambiance. Thus, it is not just “The Boracay of the North. Anguib Beach is the “Paradise of the North”.



How to get there?

From Metro Manila, you could take a bus bound to Tuguegarao City. For those who have the budget –you could take a plane. It is a 10 to 12 hours travel by land and only 45 minutes travel by air. Once you are in Tuguegarao City, you could take a van or bus bound to Sta. Ana. It will be an additional 3 hours travel time before reaching Anguib Beach.

What to expect?

Anguib Beach is a total nature adventure. It has no hotels, restaurants, groceries, winery, and drug store. So be sure to bring everything you will need like food, water, medicines, cooking wares, etc.. However, the management offers camping tents which could be rented at Php600/night, there are clean comfort rooms, and also cottages for rent which come with tables and chairs

What are the things that you could do there?.

Well of course it is the perfect place to take Instagram worthy photos with the beauty nature. You could also swim in the clear seawater or just lay down in the powdery white sand and enjoy the sun. You could also enjoy jet skiing, banana boat riding or kayaking. For those who have extra budget, you could also go island hoping to the nearby historical and lovely islands of Sta. Ana. Don’t worry, rental fees at Anguib Beach are way cheaper than those collected at famous beaches like that of Boracay or Coron. And just in case you want to add more fun to your vacation, you could visit Suncity Casino in Barangay Tangatan or the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in  Barangay Casambalangan which host casinos and other gaming facilities.

Fun fact?

  1. Anguib Beach is also known as the “Paradise for Kiteboarders and Windsurfers”. In 2015, the Philippine Windsurfing Association and the Philippine Kiteboarding Association organized a Kiteboarding and Windsurfing competition in Anguib Beach.

  2. In 2016,Beach Volleyball Republic hosts the third leg of the Nationwide On Tour in Anguib Beach. Beach volleybelles Charo Soriano, who is a native from Tuguegarao, and Filipino-American Alexa Micek won the third leg of the BVR On Tour.

  3. Cape Engaño Lighthouse/Cove at Sta. Ana was the filming area for USA Survivor 27and 28;


Other photos:





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